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Dive Into a New Era

SPOT: AI Assistance for Businesses

Techso SPOT

Your Business Virtual Assistant


A single entry point for all of your business knowledge. All employees have access to it to search for your skills and know-how.

But here's the catch...

The answers returned depend on your permissions. Are you in the Finance department? You can search for financial information, otherwise, nothing is returned.

Your secure, dynamic and up-to-date know-how. The Spot Chatbot.

Secure Cloud Solution

Use the flexibility and security of a private cloud environment to train your model while reducing your infrastructure costs.

Fast and Precise Results

Thanks to the use of the most efficient language models, quickly obtain high-quality results for your queries.

Versatility of Interconnections

Connect data from your current systems to make it a powerful and unparalleled assistant.

Using Your Current Security & Permissions

SPOT uses your current security configuration to generate unique responses, while taking into consideration each user's permissions.

Intéressé par Spot?

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