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The support you need for successful integration into your business

Unique Methodology

Make Your Date Bring You To New Heights

Our proven methodology will ensure a connection between your expectations, your reality and technology

1. Understanding

Understanding makes it possible to identify the specific needs of users, stakeholders, suppliers as well as the objectives of the project. It is a business analysis, in order to understand the essence of the project and define the success criteria clear and measurable.

3. Technological Feasibility

It is an exchange between project stakeholders on the technological feasibility, constraints and structured design of the project. We evaluate technological choices, as well as their adequacy with project objectives. It’s time to bring out the technical challenges and their solutions.

2. Data Analysis

Data management & analysis is the strategic step for the AI project. Processing and exploring datasets is necessary because uncleaned data compromises the rendering of the solution.

4. Development & Deployment

This is the specific step of coding for AI solutions. Testing, validation and quality assurance are the key elements. Agree with the client for a strict deployment strategy and that it is adopted by users, without


5. Security

We offer artificial intelligence solutions to improve your productivity and optimize the quality of your products and services.

6. Changement Management & Support

This is the final but crucial step for user acceptance. We assist you with knowledge transfer, user support and training, and overall satisfaction.

Techso SPOT

Your Business Virtual Assistant

SPOT is a tool developed by Techso.AI

Designed for secure integration into your business world and adaptable from all angles, SPOT allows secure research of your business data through a single conversational assistant (chatbot).

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About Techso.AI

Techso.AI is the artificial intelligence division of Techso Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in industrial and business solutions. We help our customers transform their operations through innovative AI integrations.

Our Vision

Revolutionize how businesses operate with AI integrations.


Align technology with your company's overall strategy, while providing real added value with AI.

Our Value

Methodology adapted to our clients.


Improved production efficiency and precision.


Optimization of infrastructures and improvement of process quality.

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